Let's make free-floating electric scooters safer

Overade's offering with foldable helmet and connected storage box allows micro-mobility users to move around helmeted with ease.

Secured solution

Ease of use

Solution already deployed

Electric scooter accident: head first!

The safety of users of self-service electric scooters in the city is necessary. Like all motorized vehicles, e-scooters are the cause of road accidents.

Studies of electric scooter users show that head injuries account for nearly half of all injuries.

At the same time, only 1% of users wear a helmet!

Giving away helmets is not a solution

Studies indicate that users of soft mobility borrow electric scooters occasionally, in the evening on their way home from work or in the middle of the night when there is no bus or metro service.

Under these conditions, users will not bother with a helmet that they have purchased or been offered.

The proposal to use a helmet available on the scooter during the rental phase is, on the other hand, quite relevant.

Overade offers a folding helmet 100% compatible with self-service electric scooter rentals

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

durability of the product suitable for rental

volume reduced by 2/3 when folded

fit sytem
head size
58-62 cm

customization possible

"Observeur du design"

"grand prix de l'innovation de la ville de Paris" in design category

Our foldable helmet PLIXI FIT for electric scooters is part of this approach to secure travel in the city on board a motorized personal mobility device (MPMD). With a minimum of space once folded (the volume of the helmet is then only 1/3) the helmet for electric scooters of Overade is stored easily in its housing located at the feet of the user. Unfolding the helmet and positioning it on the head is child's play and takes only a few seconds!

Overade has designed a simple and intuitive solution to make it easy to pick up the PLIXI FIT during the rental phase of an e-scooter. The helmet is stored in a connected box that can be controlled by the application. The connected box is located at the foot of the scooter, which is, according to our studies, the most appropriate location for the structure of the machine (less shock when falling in traffic or when stopped, lowered center of gravity facilitating driving the machine). 

The connected box is equipped with a helmet presence detection system. The integration of the helmet management within the mobile application of the rental service is thus easily done in order to trigger the opening of the compartment.

Proposing to use a helmet when booking a shared eScooter
PLIXI FIT foldable helmet is stored in connected box placed on the eScooter

A folding helmet for scooters that meets US & EU standards

The PLIXI FIT is an innovative product of French design which required more than a year of study and for which several patents have been registered in many countries.

The PLIXI FIT was designed with safety in mind when riding a bicycle or scooter. It meets CE EN1078 standards for Europe & CPSC for the USA.

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

The users have access to a set of hygiene cap in the door of the connected box of the electric scooter. These protections are accessible at the same time as the folding helmet.


The solution of the foldable helmet with its connected box takes into account the hygiene aspect.

The connected box is opened via the rental smartphone application. Nestled in the case is :


  • A PLIXI FIT foldable helmet
  •  Some hygiene caps

When the operator will change the battery (approximately every two days), he will be able to perform two actions to guarantee a clean and healthy scooter for rental:

  • Reload the stock of hygiene caps if necessary
  • Spray a disinfectant in the helmet of the electric scooter


PLIXI FIT the security solution already deployed in Paris, Berlin and London with our partner TIER Mobility

TIER mobility use Overade foldable helmet solution to secure eScooter users

TIER, the urban mobility e-scooter rental operator, is present in Europe and the Middle East. It has chosen the Overade B2B PLIXI FIT + connected box to enrich its electric scooter rental service. 
The partnership starts with a progressive deployment in Berlin and Paris, the main cities in terms of number of EDPMs of the brand.

This deployment with a major player in sustainable mobility services demonstrates the relevance and quality of Overade's offer both technically and organizationally.

Our marketing team is at the disposal of all operators or local authorities wishing to offer a simple, reliable and proven solution to their electric scooter rental needs.

TIER is now present in London

On May 18, 2021, TIER was selected as one of the operators of self-service electric scooters in London. A trial started in June in the English capital.

The competition was tough, but TIER was able to make the difference, particularly thanks to its secure offer based on Overade's PLIXI FIT.

TIER mobility is now present in London. PLIXI FIT foldable helmet from Overade is used to secure eScooter micro-mobility

Download our file "safety of free-floating electric scooters"

You will find in this file all the information presented on this page.

We will accompany the document with the results of studies concerning the safety of soft mobility in urban areas.

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